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Ergonomic handstand tools that improve your status quo
For unions, home training, traveling – you name it. Acrogym is for everyone!



Amalie Lystlund Poulsen

IG: @malle.teamgym

”This 30 cm handstand tool is top quality, nice design and 100 % stable. The product has helped med a lot to improve my different presses to handstand which has been very useful for the sport that I practice – sports acrobatics.”




Rita Neromante

IG: @ritaneromante

”My Acro blocks have helped me improve my individuel skills within gymnastics <3”




Andreas Villadsen

IG: @andreas.villadsen

“This product is for the gymnast who loves challenging himself/herself, and it is super fun to use. I’ve used it practically every day since I got it. The handles are great and give a good feeling of mastering my balance. I very much recommend it!”




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At Danish Balance our vision is to make every day a bit easier!
With this as our starting point, Acrogym is the first product category under this vision.

Acrogym’s mission is to contribute to “The best handstand ever”. The products support, strengthen and develop your handstand. This is why everyone from beginners to professionals can join in. The products allow for lots of lots of handstand variations and at the same time they spare your wrists significantly. By using the Acrogym products you will experience a significant improvement with regards to both your posture and balance as well as making your core kick-ass strong. Ready to perform.

We look forward to support you!





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