Acro Blocks Black 30 cm.

Acro Blocks Black 30 cm.

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  • Acro Blocks from Acrogym are great when you want to do a handstand and press to a handstand as well as doing handstand pushups and yoga handstands.

    In addition, the handstand blocks are perfect for training of straddle and various other handstand positions within gymnastics and acrobatics for all levels.

    With a height of 30 cm there are plenty of possibilities to challenge yourself when you do a handstand. If you prefer to be closer to the ground, we recommend our Acro Blocks with a height of 18 cm.

    Acroblocks 1 pair = 2 pcs.

    H: 30 cm.
    W: 24 cm.
    D: 24 cm.


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    1 review for Acro Blocks Black 30 cm.

    1. Victoria

      Love love love these great blocks!! I totally recommend them to anyone who wants a sturdy, tall block to work on. I am SO enjoying these. Perfect quality and speedy shipping as usual too!!

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