The story

The story behind Danish Balance ApS

Danish Balance is built on passion. It all started with a strong passion for gymnastics, where precision is key to a great performance.

Danish Balance ApS was founded by Pernille Bossen and Nanna Enevoldsen. Together they’ve created a brand that helps gymnasts and acrobats obtaining their full potential. Nanna is educated within innovation and entrepreneurship, and combined with Pernille’s vast experience within gymnastics and acrobatics they’ve developed fantastic products helping you strengthen your core and get a better balance.


The very beginning of the story about Danish Balance ApS starts with Pernille. She is an experienced acrobat and gymnast who has done handstand for as long as she can remember. Handstand is the essence of Pernille’s performances given that a good and controlled handstand automatically improves your performance within all kinds of sports. Pernille wished to improve her handstand even more, and this is why she and her dad started developing tools to support and improve her handstand. Handstand trains your core, improves your balance and the body’s physique. This is important within sports as well as for everyday activities.

But doing a handstand on these new tools did demand a certain amount of getting used to. Standing on her hands was suddenly completely different than doing her usual handstand directly on the ground.

”I thought I had mastered the art of standing on my hands, but when I first started to use the tools, a whole new world opened up to me,” Pernille says.

It was no longer coincidental whether she succeeded balancing on her hands or not. Pernille discovered techniques and strengthened the correct parts of her body. She went from being able to just hold a standard handstand on ground to be able to experiment with various leg positions, press to straddle, one arm handstand and much more.

“I went from being able to hold my handstand for 30 seconds up to as much as 2 minutes. I became hooked on handstand and handstand quickly became the best thing I knew ,” Pernille says.

She started further developing the tools improving her handstand focusing on the importance of the right shape of the tools. Pernille says that ”the tools allow me to practice much more as the wrists endure minimum strain rather than standing with my whole body weight in a 90 degrees angle. The most important for me was that it felt good using the products, and that I got something out of using them. To have something to grasp around gives strength in the grip, and the muscles in the hands are made use of to the fullest.”


Pernille who also does acrobatic sports slowly started to realize that a lot of other gymnasts had the same wants as her. This is why Pernille, with her dad, started developing more handstand tools, and they named the project: Acrogym. The project rapidly took off, and what started as a hobby project suddenly turned into a business. Therefore Pernille Bossen teamed up with Nanna Enevoldsen, and together they have created Danish Balance ApS.

Acrogym keeps its name and has become the first of Danish Balance ApS’ product categories. The Acrogym products are specially designed handstand stands with ancillary equipment that strengthen, develop and improve a handstand. The products are for all age groups and levels, and they will help you strengthen your core and balance.

Danish Balance ApS is run by CEO Nanna Enevoldsen who manages day-to-day operations and CPO Pernille Bossen who is in charge of product developing. Together they form a strong team with the necessary competencies and a common goal of making everyday life a bit easier for all their customers.

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